BlockallsPIC; Crafted with a patent-pending asymmetrical design for the left seat Pilot. Unlike other VLD’s, our revolutionary design with offset view enhances the IMC experience in VMC conditions to minimize distractions while keeping your eyes laser-sharp focused on your instrument panel. Unlike frosted glasses, our opaque finish blocks out sunlight to reduce stress, eye fatigue and watery eyes. Blockalls are lightweight assembled with a soft silicone nose piece and streamlined & improved short bayonets to maximize headset seal. Blockalls easily slide on and off. No need to remove headset. No need to exchange controls with your CFI or safety pilot. Simply No Hassle!                         

For SIC or CFI-ii students, try Blockalls-SIC

 Designed For Pilots By Pilots

* Modern, updated sleek design.
* Block sunlight. (no more watery eyes).
* Lightweight ( weigh under 1 oz. )
* Comfortable rubber nose piece & streamlined temple tips incorporated into design.
* Available in choice of colors.
* Dark tint available on ( black only) No need for sunglasses.
* Temple tips slide through headset seal eliminating need to remove your headset first.
* 30 Day Money Back guarantee, when purchased through our website.
* Other colors can be custom ordered through website for $28.95 each.
* Made in the USA of domestic and imported materials
Reusable nylon carrying pouch included with each pair

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